Using Custom Desired Capabilities with Edge Chromium


We use custom “desired capabilities” to open browsers with remote user agents.

We always select “Chrome” as a “Driver Name” in the “Custom Execution Configuration Builder” window, but then use a user agent to trick our system into thinking we are using some other browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, etc.). But our system does not seem to correctly identify Edge Chromium.

The main run button has both Edge and Edge Chromium as options.

However, the “Custom Execution Configuration Builder” window does not include Edge Chromium as an option in the “Driver Name” menu.

I thought that since it is not an option in the above window, that maybe it won’t work when used as a remote agent.


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I also want Edge Chromium support for custom capabilities, but Katalon Studio 8.2.0 doesn’t have this yet.

I tried a temporary workaround…
Manually edited a custom properties file to have arguments for Edge Chromium such as:


But it didn’t work for me. Katalon Studio didn’t launch the Edge Chromium browser.

where should I put this ?