Desired capabilities don't seem to be working for Edge Chromium

Hello, I hope that you can help me with a problem I am having with using Desired Capabilities settings for a project. They seem to be working fine for Chrome, but don’t seem to be working at all for Edge Chromium. I want to use desired capabilities to set some runtime arguments, preferences and exclude switches for the browser for running a suit of web tests. This includes launching the browser window maximized, disabling the infobar message stating [in the case of Chrome] “Chrome is being controlled by automated test software”, and disabling the popup offerring to save passwords. When using Desired Capabilities setting, all of this works fine when running with Chrome. But I’ve set the same desired capabilities for Edge Chromium and none of them work.

So I went back to basics and just tried to get things working with just one very simple runtime argument to launch the browser window maximized. Here is what the desired capability settings look like that I have set for Edge Chromium:

I set the same desired capabilities for Chrome. For Chrome it all works fine. Without the “start-maximized” runtime argument set via Desired Capabailities, the Chrome browser window opens un-maximized. But with that runtime argument set the browser window opens maximized. That is what I was expecting.

However for Edge Chromium it doesn’t work. The web driver just seems to ignore the settings in Desired Capabilities and the browser window opens un-maxmized.

Is there something about Desired Capabilities in project settings that doesn’t work for Edge Chromium? If so, is there another way that I can set things like runtime arguments, exclude switches, etc. that does work for Edge Chroumium.

For information, I am working with Katalon Studio Enterprise version 8.1.0, build 208. I’ve made sure that the web driver for Edge Chromium is up to date. The version of the web driver is 94.0.992.50.

All help with this will be much appreciated.