Use Katalon GitHub actions

Hi, We’d like to integrate Katalon with GitHub actions, the thing is that we need to run regression suite collection, every time that there’s a push in repository where we’ve located source code to be deployed in any environment,not in repository where source code for Katalon is located.
Therefore everytime that we execute PUSH to ‘Testing-Proposal-KS’ a GitHub action in this repository should launch regression suite collection in ‘Katalon-integration’.
How may I do this?

Maybe someone will see this again from my reply. I am just now trying to do this. Hopefully someone can help.

Hi @isaac.palmasolis.ext
Just to simplify you have repo A with all katalon source code including “regression.tsc”
and repo B where the .yml file is configured to execute “regression.tsc”

Q- Do I have to indicate the path to the repository where the katalon source code is located

Yes you need to mention the absolute path “projectPath” in your case
and that can be found in a GitHub log somewhere after checkout repo KS(line 16)

Project Path reference:

Hi @tayyaba.inamdar , thanks for your reply, we solved the situation long ago as you may observe in attached screenshot.

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