Use Katalon build keyword with Winium Driver and not WinAppDriver

A missing feature - Katalon is desktop Application testing with Winium driver and Katalon keywords.

I have executed the Winium driver but couldn’t use Windows build keywords for the Desktop Application Testing

  • I started desktop application Testing only with the Winium driver, without executing the WinAppDriver I wasn’t able to use Katalon Buildin keywords for desktop application testing
  • I want to use the Katalon build keyword with the Winium driver and without WinAppDriver

Could you please consider this and add the in-feature release, because the Winium driver has a less limitations (Don’t need to enable a developer mode in the machine)


Hi Yogeshwaran, :wave:

I have moved your question into a new thread so that it can get better visibility and attention from our product team.


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