Use existing browser window?

Newbie question - I have multiple test cases but don’t want Katalon to open a new browser window each time (tests are dependent on one another). How do I get it to use the already open browser window? Any tips you can share?

Though maybe I’m handling this wrong… I want test cases to be able to be run either independently or in a suite. And I’d think I shouldn’t have to rerun the routine to open the browser window and navigate each time. :thinking:

This was going to be my response… :upside_down_face: Generally speaking, Test Cases should not depend on one another (IMO).

On the note of having to close and re-open the browser between test cases, this is not a huge deal in terms of performance, and also has the benefit of “refreshing” the browser cache between test cases, which further ensures that your test cases are truly independent of one another.

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