Use ClickAt instead of Click

While using the recorder in the Katalon chrome extension, by default a “Click” command is recorded. How can I change it, so that Katalon records a “ClickAt” command instead of “Click”?

Well there is no such keyword as ClickAt (In Katalon) so it wont be automatically generated - what are you trying to achieve?

If your trying to use the same method as selenuim you can use the WebUI.clickOffset(findTestObject(null), 0, 0) which follows the same structure as the selenium method

Yes I am trying to use the Selenium “ClickAt” method. Can we get Katalon to record the co-ordinates of the point where I click? I am having a canvas in my HTML page and the “Click” is not able to identify which element inside the canvas is clicked, so need the point co-ordinates recorded.

So katalon wont be able to get the co-ordinates for you, you will have to do this yourself.

You can get the co-ordinates using js

document.onmousemove = function(e){
var x = e.pageX;
var y = e.pageY; = "X is "+x+" and Y is "+y;

(enter this in dev tools console)