Upload an Excel file to Teams

I’ve created an Excel file using a Test Case. Is there a way to upload this file, programmatically from within Katalon, to Teams? I do it manually but that’s a pain and time consuming. I’ve also noticed that the Teams files location is linked to SharePoint. Can Katalon upload files there?

What is it, “Teams”?

Please describe what you do manually.

My error for not clarifying this. Teams is the “Microsoft Teams” application. There is a Plugin that Katalon has, “Microsoft Teams Integration”, but the only thing I found that this Plugin does is it sends a report, (internally generated within Katalon), that tells the status of a Test Suite execution. I’m trying to send a file, (upload it), to the same application.

I know nothing about MS Team and Katalon’s integration plugin. Still I got a question to you.

Are you reporting a bug of Katalon’s plugin, or submitting a new feature request?

Does the plugin states that it supports uploading the report file to MS Team?

Or are you expressing a feature request for the plugin to newly support uploading the file?

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I’m simply asking a question. Does anyone know if this is possible? I am not reporting a bug, or submitting a new feature request. I did not see anywhere in the documentation that MS Teams supports this option. I just used the MS Teams Integration package as a reference.

Currently I wait until the Test Case completes and then manually upload the resulting excel file to Teams. I would like to automate that process within the Katalon code if possible. It does not not have to be accomplished using MS Teams Integration. Any way to upload the file would be OK. .

Most probably will be easier to upload it straight to Sharepoint, since it has a web interface … or by using a powershell script which is to be called by Katalon

Once you have the file in place and you know the url of it, you can send a notification into Teams with an incoming webhook, see:


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