File Uploads through Excel sheet

Hey everyone !

Is it possible to automatically upload files with an Excel sheet? I use an Excel sheet with data for ALL of my other test. I am trying to make it as basic and simple as possible. I want to upload images through an Excel sheet. I really need some help with this, have been struggling with it for over a week.

Did any of you ever try to do this? And if so, how did you do it? Thanks in advance!

put your images in a folder alongside the excel sheet (or whatever location you want).
add a column in your excel where you provide the path to the files
use data binding to use your excel file as a data source for your testcase
from the testcase, upload the file at the path read from the excel to the target.

easy as that!


Thank you so much! Should have been more obvious for me. Do you think I can “shorten” the path. So instead of C:/users/blablablabla/test_image.jpg

I could just have test_image.jpg instead of the full path, I can understand if this is not possible. Thanks for your tip anyway! :smiley:

provided all images are located in the same folder, yeah, you can just pass the path hardcoded in the script (or grab it from a local/global variable) and append to it the image name read from excel file

Thanks dude, you’re a lifesaver. :shrimp: