Upgrade of default included Apache POI 3.9.0 library is not allowed

Hello Support,

## OS (Windows 8.1 64bit):

## Katalon Studio Version (Katalon Studio Version: 5.3.0 Build: 1)

## Katalon Studio logs:

See attached .log file. Thought this error may not appear in there, only errors from when we tried to forcibly remove the default Apache poi 3.9.0 seem to appear in the log.

## Steps to reproduce -

The intention is to use a superior version of the Apache POI library (poi-3.17.jar). Katalon 5.3.0 contains the default org.apache.poi_3.9.0.v201405241750.jar, but we need the new features in the superior library version.
We include the external library as described in the documentation here: https://www.katalon.com/resources-center/tutorials/import-java-library/
**## Expected Behavior -
**The library is upgraded in the project and we have access to the new functionality inside it.
**## Actual Behavior
**The compilation returns bellow error:
429867 – duplicate POI classes causes SecurityException
with some details

-----------Result Test case with poi-3.17.jar added:

[ERROR] - Test Cases/ExcelDemo FAILED because (of) java.lang.SecurityException:

class “org.apache.poi.util.StaxHelper”'s signer information does not match signer information of other classes in the same packages

Please see attached text file with some more details.

We also tried to remove the lines of POI in .classpath and only include the newer version, but the error was “Unresolved requirement: Require-Bundle: org.apache.poi” this time.

Please help us upgrade the Apache POI library to a newer version.

Thank you,
Cornel Neacsu

Upgrade default library .classpath 2018-01-29 13.14.58.png



Hi, can anyone help or point in the right direction with this matter?

Thank you,
Cornel Neacsu

Hi Cornel,

Currently we do not support this ‘kind’ of upgrade, so why do you need to use the new version of this library? Does it provide more functions than the old one? Or is there something else?


Hello Vinh,

And thank you for your interest.
Yes, we need the updated functionality in the latest version for it’s new functions and improved response times: http://poi.apache.org/changes.html. But this question is not addressing this particular library only. It may be important for other library updates as well.

We have problems parsing big Excel files and the latest Apache POI library manages this a lot better.
The alternate options are quite difficult to implement, or at least did not paid off after trying them for a couple of days.
We tried to do our homework before trying/asking to update the POI library as described in this resource: https://github.com/monitorjbl/excel-streaming-reader

Thank you,
Cornel Neacsu

Hi Cornel,

Did you find any alternative solution for parsing big Excel files? I am stuck with the same error for which you have opened this thread.

Thank you,

Hi Hiral,

No, I have not tried it anymore, and also did not receive any further updates about it.
I have simply used a different approach and dropped that part of the testing altogether.

Thank you,

Hi @all,

We will update POI libraries to 3.17 or 4.1.x in v6.4.0.


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Thanks for the update Cornel. I tried reading the same file through eclipse and I could successfully read it as the required jars can be updated in it. As of now I am blocked until Katalon updates the POI libraries which I see they are going to update in v6.4.0.

Hi duyluong,

Any ETA for v6.4.0?

Thank you,

Hi all!

Katalon Studio version 7.0 upgrades Apache POI to version 3.17. Here is the release note. Please upgrade for better performance.




may i know what is the POI lib version used in Katalon version 6.3.3?

Hello Gan

Katalon Studio 6.3.3 supports POI 3.9.0.



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