Unable to verify match between actual 'BMW5339' text and expected text 'BMW5339'

I have the following problem
when trying to assert that the data obtained from the view is equal to the data from the testdata (csv file) I have already tried using “assert” or “WebUI.verifyMatch” or “Assert.assertEquals()” or “Assert.assertTrue”
in all attempts error occurs when the tested data is from a csv file, thank you for your help.

script /

erro log /

console log /

There are several questions on the forum that give “answers” but the easiest is the following one (which just adds the “toString()” modifier onto your Strings). Easy enough to try:

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Hi grylion54, if you check in a commented code snippet I had already made this conversion attempt, but without success,
error log /


You should try to trim the value to remove whitespace characters.

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The placa variable or the placaview variable may contain 0x8203 (UNICODE zero-width-whitespace) character, which is invisible

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Thanks @duyluong
but using only trim I had no success.

But it reminded me that the csv file can contain dirt, so I used replaceAll and was successful, thanks a lot for the help!

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