Unable to trigger event in Katalon Studio that uses "react-idle-timer": "^4.2.9" package


I was wondering if I could get some help on how to test something using Katalon Studio, here is the problem:

I have an application that uses the react-idle-timer package, version 4.2.9. Here is the package documentation:

In the case, the package verifies if there is a mouse movement, for example (refer to documentation to see all actions detected by the package), and triggers an window that says: Are you there? You will be disconnected in XX seconds.

However, when I use Katalon, I am not able to make the package understand that whatever I do in Katalon is really a mouse move, for example. If I test manually, the window is triggered normally. But, when I try to do it in Katalon, the window is never triggered.

Here are some of the things I tried using in Katalon:
WebUI.focus(findTestObject(‘01 Login/Pagina Logada/Menu’))
WebUI.mouseOver(findTestObject(‘01 Login/Pagina Logada/Menu’))
WebUI.sendKeys(findTestObject(‘01 Login/Pagina Logada/Menu’), Keys.chord(Keys.ENTER))
WebUI.rightClick(findTestObject(‘01 Login/Pagina Logada/Menu’))

I can see it working in Katalon, for example, menu is clicked and expanded but the window I need is never triggered. If I do the same things manually, window is triggered.

Does anyone has a guess on how to fix this? Am I forgetting something? Have made tests using the same package before?
Any help is welcome!

Thank you in advance!


The Katalon WebUI commands (based on Selenium) do not simulate true mouse events - at best, they trigger mouse event handlers.

There is another Java library you can use which will create true mouse events:



Thanks, I will try!

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