Unable to start application on mobile recording

Hi, i wanna ask you about mobile testing recorder. I got the following error while executing mobile recorder.

For your info, I am using windows 10 64 bit, node v8.9.4, npm 6.6.0, and appium 1.8.0. The katalon version is 5.3.

I need your help to give me some suggestions to solved my problem.


You forgot to mention the most important information is your device information (real/simulator) and its version. Please inform me about that.

By the way, looks like this is an issue of using an emulator on a slow machine

Hi Vinh,

First of all, thank you for u response, and I’m sorry about my incomplete information. I’m using real device sony xperia z1 (Android 5.1.1) for this case. For more information, you can see the log file from the error in the attachment.

I hope you can give me the answer for my problem. Thank you :slight_smile: