Unable to run api test even if script is correct

Hi Team,

I am beginner. I was just trying to check simple tests but I am unable to run my api test case. Please revert on it soon.
Attaching screenshot links of code written for your reference.

Ambika Tambe


what error do you get? Please share more details.

I didn’t got any error but its just a simple test case I have written but after clicking on run it is not showing any error neither execution in log viewer nor success message wherein run of object repository created is working fine.Please find attached screenshot link:


Could you help verifying 2 things:
- Which version of Katalon is in use? We recently have some adjusment in the module, so we need to know exactly the version.
- Could you take a screenshot of the “Verification” tab at the object repository? The keyword you are using will also execute all the script in that tab.