Unable to pick up Google location

i have button on web page " Select Location" when click on in,it opens a pop up , then ask to search address from google map, when put any text, it drops pin on map, by clicking on pin it fills my hidden text box on web page , I have tried it manually in katalon to run auto test case, but unable to execute script success fully…


I could execute it with “exact” location name and send enter key. For example, I send “Japan” in the input text and then sendKeys(ENTER) this will pin point the location.

I too have similar requirement. On click of a textarea, Google Maps in a dialog box displayed. I will have to search for a location. Google Maps gives auto-suggestions in dropdown. I should be able to select a location from the list. How to select a location from the list?

I too have similar problem.Can give the response if anyone known the solution for this problem