Unable to Open Project Due to Missing TempTestSuite

Katalon is just a Tool and How we use it is more important based on different purposes of many kinds of users in over the world.

For small project, with Data Files, placed csv or excel file folder directly under “Data Files” folder is not a big deal because it has small size, easily to manage on git

For bigger project, especially with large data, when data files (csv, excel) is increased day after day and make a big problem to commit to git or checkout it => we have another way to store those files. (Use another repository for data), when checkout project we combine those code together from different repository. Make sure that the data file is created can be linked to your data file (csv, excel)

One again, tool is just a tool and it based on your purposes to make different ways to use the tool.

Hope it is usefully


Still I think a good tool should guide users to follow good practices. If a tool makes users wonder how to use, it is not good enough.