Unable to launch web application URL on browser in BrowserStack using automation scripts

Katalon Studio Version : 6.1.2

OS- Windows 10


We are trying to launch ‘Test’ environment URL of our application on browser in Browserstack. This application URL is not accessible from outside client network. We are using Katalon ‘WebUI’ driver to launch browser in Browserstack and it is launching browser, however, our application login page is not getting launched and throwing an error shown in Screenshot -1.

Using WebUi-


WebUI.openBrowser("Client Url")

Error screenshot

#Screenshot 1-

I have added required capabilities in Katalon tool as shown in screenshot 2

#Screenshot 2

Using Remote WebDriver

Now I have used Remote web driver instead of WebUi and I am able to launch web app using Remote web driver with expected page loaded correctly


WebDriver driver;

String USERNAME = "*****";

String AUTOMATE_KEY = "*****";

String URL = "https://" + USERNAME + ":" + AUTOMATE_KEY + "@hub.browserstack.com/wd/hub";

DesiredCapabilities capability = new DesiredCapabilities();





capability.setCapability("browserstack.debug", "true");

capability.setCapability("browserstack.local", "true");

URL browserStackUrl = new URL(URL);

driver = new RemoteWebDriver (browserStackUrl, capability);

driver.manage().timeouts().implicitlyWait(30, TimeUnit.SECONDS);

driver.get("Client URL");

String actualURL = driver.getCurrentUrl();

System.out.println("URL is "+actualURL);

String expectedURL = "Client URL";

Assert.assertEquals(actualURL, expectedURL,"Expected and Actual are not same");



Please confirm, if you have any solution to launch web app which is accessible only in client private network using Katalon ‘WebUI’ driver on Browserstack.

Note - Before running script we are invoking Browserstacklocal exe from command line

command - BrowserStackLocal.exe --key <>–force-local

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