Unable to installed the iOS app using the .ipa file and throw "Failed to verify code signature"

Hello, I’m new to Katalon Studio and currently, I’ve encountered an issue where I’m unable to start the application during recording. I’ve tried to use both Application File and Application ID to connect to my iOS app. Below are the errors that I’ve encountered:

Before I start to record, I already uninstall the existing app if Im using the Application File method.

I didn’t get what is meant by “Failed to verify code signature” and “A valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found”. I also have tried to re-installed the dependency by following this steps in case there are some messed up.

This is my current configuration:

  1. iOS: v17.4.1
  2. Mac: Sanoma 14.4.1
  3. Xcode: v15.3
  4. Katalon: v9.4.0
  5. Homebrew: v4.2.16
  6. Npm: v10.5.0
  7. Appium: v2.5.1

There’s also an issues where before this, I’m able to load the app via Application File/ Application ID, but it will only start recorded when I manually taps to load on the existing app that I’ve installed via TestFlight. If I didn’t manually launch the app, it will keep re-launching and closed the app for several times before it returns failed error. May I know what cause this behaviour to happened?
During that time, I have slightly a different configuration which is:

  1. iOS: v17.3.2
  2. Mac: Sanoma 14.3.2
  3. Xcode: v15.3
  4. Katalon: v9.3.2
  5. Homebrew: v4.2.16
  6. Npm: v10.5.0
  7. Appium: v2.5.1

Another thing that I want to ask is about the WebDriverAgent. Do we actually needs to manually trust this app on the device’s “VPN & Device management” once it installed? Because it seems that if I didn’t manually trust this app it will throw an error:

I really appreciate it if anyone could help me configure these issues. Thank you in advance.



Welcome to our community.


  • Error 1: Failed to verify code signature of /var/installd/Library/Caches/com.apple.mobile.installd.staging/temp.OdabwE/extracted/test.app:

This error means that Katalon Studio cannot verify the identity of the app you’re trying to install on the iOS device. This is a security measure by Apple to prevent unauthorized apps from running on devices.

  • Error 2: A valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found.

A provisioning profile is a file that tells Mac devices which computers are authorized to install apps on them. Without a valid provisioning profile, Katalon Studio won’t be able to install your app on the device.

=> To fix them, I would like to suggest:

  • Make sure your device is signed in to the same iCloud account as the one used to create the provisioning profile.
  • Verify that the provisioning profile you’re using is valid and hasn’t expired. You can check this in the Apple Developer Portal (Apple Developer Program - Apple Developer).
  • Rebuild your app archive. Sometimes, a clean rebuild can resolve issues with code signing.

There might be a lot of causes but I suggest that you should give us your code so that we can better investigate the behavior

You do not need to manually trust the app. The error message mentioned the different problems related to Xcode, WebDriverAgent configuration, or driver version mismatch. Suggest to verify Xcode configuration, reinstalling WebDriverAgent if needed, check the Appium driver version.

Hope this can help you

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Hello, and good day. Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I will try out the solutions you have suggested first. I will get back to you if I have any other questions or if I have resolved my issues.

For the solution for Q2, I don’t think I can give our code to you but I will check them with our developer first.

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