Unable to install the ver 9.3.2 as administrator in Win10


I have downloaded the ver9.3.2 of Katalon Studio into my Win10 and it’s in my local drive (C:\Users<username>\downloads). Since my laptop is restricted by the user access control, the IT support of my organisation tried to help me install it by inputting his admin credentials to run the .exe file as administrator.

However, we keep hitting an error ‘Microsoft Edge can’t read and write to its data directory’ and seems it’s trying to create the data directory into the admin’s drive but not my local drive. Therefore, the installation cannot be started.

Anyone can help me on this?
Thanks very much


Hi there Kath, :wave:

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We are sorry to hear that you are having issues installing Katalon Studio. Would you be able to share with us the screenshot of the error or any error log (if possible), so that our Product team and other members can support you better?


Shoutout @duyluong

Thanks for replying me. This is the screenshot of error I got

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Hi @kathkas4 ,

You can download Katalon Studio package from Github instead using katalon installer from Release v9.3.2 · katalon-studio/katalon-studio · GitHub