Getting error when trying to run Katalon 64 bit version for Windows


After downloading version 5.2.0 for Windows 64 bit, I am faced with the following error when trying to open the program:

“An error has occurred. See the log file \.eclipse\273489801_win32_x86_64\configration\1513185193333.log”

The error defined is “The platform metadata area could not be written: C:\XXXXXXX\Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-\config\.metadata. By default the platform writes its content under the current working directory when the platform is launched. Use the -data parameter to specify a different content area for the platform”.

Any ideas?


Hi Trialist,

I can see that is an issue due to permission. Do you have any other drives so that you can trying move your Katalon Studio folder into there?

Thanks Vinh, I put on a cloud drive and Katalon has opened successfully now.

To get this to work on my C drive would you suggest deleting all previous instances of Katalon?