Unable to identify object with added string

Good Day,

I’m trying to shorten my script
from this:


to this:

TestObject tObj = findTestObject(‘loginPage/’)

as I want to reuse testObject “loginPage” path with other test object

But im encountering this error :
2022-05-26 09:55:37.917 WARN c.k.k.core.testobject.ObjectRepository - Test object with id ‘Object Repository/loginPage/’ does not exist

Why “txtUsername” didn’t identified even if it is added to tObj

Help will be appreciated!


The following code will never work.


The tObj variable is an instance of com.kms.katalon.core.testobject.TestObject class.
The "txtUsername" literal is an instance of java.lang.String.
The operator + between these 2 types is not defined. So you got an error.

The following would be shorter, would work.

Hi Kazurayam good day,

I see. but is there a way I can make it short as example on this image
with this path as repeatable and long “Clients and Physicians/Clients/Client Physician Assignment”

String abbreviation = 'Clients and Physicians/Clients/Client Physician Assignment'
WebUI.setText(findTestObject(abbreviation + "txtPhysicalLicense"),tabPhysicianAssignment.setValue(....)

or even shorter one:

String ABBR = 'Clients and Physicians/Clients/Client Physician Assignment'
WebUI.setText(findTestObject(ABBR + "txtPhysicalLicense"),tabPhysicianAssignment.setValue(....)

Even better one.
You can define a short Groovy function that encloses the long “Clients and Physicians/Clients/Client Physician Assignment” and returns a TestObject. You want to call the function repetitively


TestObject resolveTO(String name) {
    return findTestObject('Clients and Physicians/Client Physician Assignment/' + name)

Great idea!

Thanks Kazurayam! I will definitely try this!