Katalon mobile : Unable to capture modal with spy object

I try to capture objects from a modal on an mobile API. For objects on the main page no problem, but I’m unable to capture objects from a modal :

Even after refreshing the capturing objects, mobile spy object show me only the objects of the “background page” and not from the modal :

How could I capture this modal ?
Thanks in advance.

anyone for help?

Hi @fpinson,

You can find the element of modal dialog by selecting a correct element on ALL OBJECTS tree.
In KS v6.3.0, we will correct the co-ordinate of the element on Device View that will well you easily can identify the elements.

KS v6.3.0 will release in next week.


Hi @duyluong,
I download KS 6.3.0 beta to test it.
I have the same problem as before. I tested all object on ALL OBJECTS tree but none of them are part of my modal :

All of them belong to the “background page”.
In my script, I try to scroll to text “Oui” or create an object with xpath :
(unique value in the page)
and then add a "Mobile.waitForElementPresent(findTestObject(‘object’), 0), but it doesn’t work.

Hi @fpinson,

The improvement of mobile element selection is not included in KS v6.3.0.rc7 but it will available in v6.3.0.

Btw, can you share us your apk to verify this case.


Thanks for your answer. I will ask if I am allowed to share the apk. But since it’s the summer holydays, I will have the answer only in the beginning of september.

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Hi @duyluong,

The apk is available at this URL :

the login and password of the apk are :
email : tcharlot@sodifrance.fr
password : eommer

to access the modal, swipe left to right (page “mes trajets passés”) and tap on the trash can to delete an item on the list.
Thanks for the help