Unable to exit a click action when a non-html pop up is triggered from browser( firefox)

Hello everybody, currently i am facing a blocking issue and i guess it could be a defect in katalon.
I have created a custom firefox profile and a dedicated certificate is imported in the specific profile. When launching the test, at a step, when the action click is performed, a non-html pop-up is triggered. Below screenshots shows the sequence:

  1. Click on the button

What happened after the click, a non-html pop is triggered

After analyzing, i found that after the click on button, katalon keep on waiting for an action to be done on the pop without exit from the click action:

Using autoIT, i was able to know that this pop up is trigerred by Mozilla Firefox as shown below:

Is this a defect in Katalon Studio? How to handle that scenario?

Thank you in advance.

@Katalon_team, @ThanhTo, @Zarashima, @kazurayam, @danpoleary, @loc.nguyen, @YoungNgo, @Russ_Thomas, @liam.by

I am tagging you guys so that you can share your views.