Unable to execute test suite in trial enterprise version

Hi, I’m trying to execute the test suite, but it has been running for 5 minutes & noticed there is an error stated in console & event log as shown in the screenshots.

If the account is free version then there is no issue on executing the test suite.
Appreciate if anyone could help on this.

Hi there

Can you click on Project > Close and Clean up, then reopen your project and try executing Test Suite again?


@Jass, still got the same issue

Hi @sy.strateq,

Please try to re-install Katalon Studio and try with another project and share the result with us

@duyluong, just tried to execute a test suite by creating new project & it is able to execute successfully. May I know what 's the issue? Can I just move all the things from old project to new project?

@duyluong, do you have solution for this? as now i’m just using other account which is free version to execute test suites


Please share with your the project and the .classpath file. Maybe some plugins or drivers cause this issue.

@duyluong, can I have ur email address so that i can share u the project folder? as there is size limit to upload file here.