Execute from here not working

I’m on version 5.2.0, Build 1 and the Execute from here is no longer working. I’m attempting using Chrome and Firefox.

Chrome version 63, Windows 10.

It was working fine for me, then all the sudden it stopped. Did multiple reboots, ran the garbage collection and the Clean up.


Hi Mariane,

Please let me know more details about your current issue, do you have any reproducible steps?

Yes, I can reproduce it every time.

I start a script and before it finishes, I stop it so that the browser remains open. I attempt to access the Execute from here step within the script and it is disabled. See print screen below



This issue has spontaneously been resolved. Not sure how, as nothing has changed.

I test on Chrome version 64, Windows 10 with version 5.3.0, it also has the same problem.


Have no problems here. This option only available in case you use ‘Open Browser’ keyword