Unable to do activation of Katalon studio in Virtual machine

I am not able to activate Katalon Studio in a Virtual Machine with the same credentials that i have used to download the software. Katalon Studio Activation window throwing the below error,

Cannot connect to Katalon Testops server.
Please check your internet connection and try again.

Are you able to access the web from the VM?

You should check if the VM is using a proxy for web access. If so, you’ll need to configure Katalon to use the same proxy for activation.

Yes, i am able to access the web from VM.

VM is not using proxy for web access. So i have selected as No proxy in Katalon Activation window.


Also, tried second option as well like in below image but getting same error.


Please suggest me if i need to have any specific setting required to activate Katalon particularly in VM.

Ex: license or configurations…