Unable to display create new checkpoint window in full

As per attached images, I am unable to click or select some part of the buttons and options as the window is not displaying all when I want to create new checkpoint.

Device: 15.6" laptop
OS: Windows 10

Image 1

Image 2



Have you tried setting the Windows font size to 100%

Also check your Katalon font size at: Window → Preferences → General → Appearance → Colors and Fonts. Select Dialog Font and Edit its font size.

Sorry if my description caused some misunderstanding. I don’t think the issue is relate to the font size. What I mean is the dialog box prompted unable to be resized. Some dialog box in the application can be resized while some other can’t. The above images I attached in previous comments are the examples which I can’t resize so I cant see all the content inside that dialog box and cant configure some of the details in the dialouge.

Example of the workable resize function in some of the dialog box:

**Before resize

After resize

Additional Note:
1. This issue also happens when I am trying to add new recipient’s email into my test suite’s execution information. The dialog box unable to resize as below. I cant view I have been typing inside the box as the dialog unable to resize.

**Would like to apologize for any confusion caused.

Before Resize.PNG

After Resize.PNG

Add recipient’s email(s).PNG