Unable to click on Sign IN page pop up

In our project for one of our application BI dashboards we are automating by using Katalon tool.

Here I am facing the challenge with sign in page popup which I am unable to inspecting the elements. Find the below screen shot.


Can you get the locator of the element you want? Which element you want to inspect?

Element is not getting identified by katalon . I want to enter username and password and click on submit.

Have you tried to right click on the Username textbox and select “Inspect” on the pop-up? You may have to do this twice to get the HTML to move to the exact textbox you are inspecting. Review the HTML and create a pathway to the Username textbox. Do similar to the Password textbox and the two buttons.
If you need some assistance on creating a pathway, then we will need to see the HTML as well.

Edit: I am assuming it is a browser based tool. Can’t see it very well in the image, but maybe it is a Windows desktop app. If it is the latter, then forget my suggestion.

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you are close enough, but it is not a windows desktop pop-up.
it’s a browser pop-up… you will figure it out… eventualy

@sa00803261 chances are, this may solve your issue: