Unable to click on object even when the reference is correct


We are using Katalon tool for Oracle Saas Applications. While approving an invoice, the approve object is not being clicked even if it is being referenced correctly from the object repository. We need help in this. Can someone who know this or already faced this kind of issue help us in proceeding with this task?


Perhaps if you share your code we can help you fix the problem. Please follow this advice:

Without some HTML to see more, I have had situations in which a button would not click within KS if I had the XPath all the way to the button. I kept the tag as button, but what I had to do was to write the XPath to the input statement just above the button element.

id(“my_id”)/input[@class=“input file”]/button

I had to change to:

id(“my_id”)/input[@class=“input file”]