Unable to click on object

Dear all,
I need support this issue. I can not click on Object .Error messages are displayed on the attached image. Please help me.
Many thanks.

Can you please send a snippet of the actual test page that is recieving the error and the html of the element you want to click.

I don’t have source code of this web .I only check xpath by F12 .Is this attachment helpful ?

@hpulsford @Do_Dieu_Thuy – Could you try with set delay in each action and then try to execute -

Change the “Detect object by” from xpath to text,class and tag. Sometimes it cant locate it as the xpath has changed and therefore is trying to click somewhere else on the page. If this doesnt work try re-capturing it.

Just checking - this is the element you are trying to click on, correct?



 maybe you will need to use dynamic xpath value as like

 int x = some_integer_value;
 String txtval = x	
 'Change xpath property to new value'
 //text = property type, possible to use xpath also
//txtval = value which will change, need to be string type
//xpathVal = "//div[@id='example_paginate']/span/a["+value_to_change+"]"
newProperty = WebUI.modifyObjectProperty(findTestObject('Object Repository/DatePicker/Page_/day'), 'text','equals',txtval, true)
//if used xpath
//newProperty = WebUI.modifyObjectProperty(findTestObject('Object Repository/DatePicker/Page_/day'), 'xpath','equals',xpathVal, true)
WebUI.click(newProperty, FailureHandling.OPTIONAL)