Unable to capture objects WebDriverException in iOS Real device while trying to record

Hello I am trying to set up mobile automation on REAL iOS device.

I am able to install webdriveragent into the real device I have connected
I can launch the coffeetimer ipa application and rrun elated tests in the sample project on the device

But when i start recording on the same device, I get the below error and Device View does not display my connected device as shown in the below image

Also- I have added all the desired capabilities

Other details:
Appium Version- 2.2.3
Xcode Version- Version 15.1 (15C65)
Katalon Version- 9.1.0

Please let me know if you guys need any other details. Please help!

Tagging @albert.vu since I saw you answering a few questions on the same topic. Thanks so much in advance!

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Any pointers here? @phong.nguyen @Elly_Tran @Chris_Trevarthen

I see the socket hang up error from Appium log, it could be the Appium is stopped un-expectation, so the fixing is restart the Spy/Recorder session.

From 9.1.0, we had implemented the help on install dependencies and web driver agent, could you please try to follow steps:

  1. Select Tools > Set up iOS Environment > Install Dependencies
  2. Select Tools > Set up iOS Environment > Set up WebDriverAgent
  3. Try record again.

If possible, please remove all installed homebrew, appium, node, so KS could help you install the fresh ones.