Unable to Capture objects | ExecutionException | java.lang.NullPointerException

Hello @Chris_Trevarthen,
I am doing an android mobile testing in katalon studio and everytime it says “java.lang.NullPointerException”. Also, the apkdemos file is not present in my directory, whenever I install appium(currently appium version- 1.12.1 and katalon version-6.3.2)
Please help me out.

Hi @pandeyyamini97,

To create an Android demo project, I think you’ll need to go to the File->New Sample Project->Sample Android Tests Project. You’ll be prompted to fill in the info for the new project.

As for the NullPointerException, could you send a screenshot of the error and any log files?

You can check out this post for some general troubleshooting tips as well:

– Chris

Hello @Chris_Trevarthen

The application is now able to start.
I started with a sample project and then chose the desired settings.
Thank you so much for your suggestion.

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Yes, I am.


I am using Katalon 7.2.6 & Appium 1.13.0, I get the below error


Pls help.