Unable set text phone number

Hello guys,
i recorded using manual recorder, but when i run it, it will unable to set text phone number, it always gonna blank

please help me

@app.wibi The phone number field allows 16 characters, so it would depend what the input wants. Does it need parenthesis around area code? A dash between first set of numbers and second set? Try entering text manually, not via script or recorder. What does it allow? What do you have to do to “enable” the field (do you have to click on the any GUI icon?) Is there any helptext that pops up when you bring a mouse around the field?

The following may help:


The command could be:
WebUI.setText(findTestObject(‘myPage/input_Phone’), ‘364035551212’)

Try viewing the test object in the test repository, and see what is using to locate that field. I have seen with the recorder sometimes it will create a locator that is not the best locator to use. In that case, you can edit it. This being a simple form element that has an id associated with it, just using the id of phone_mobile should be sufficient for Katalon to locate that field, and then be able to set the text for it.

If that doesn’t work, be sure that field is available when the automation attempts to set the text, or if its the type of field that you have to click it first to make it active, you may need to add the extra step of clicking the field and then setting the text for that field. There is probably something happening that is not being handled before it attempts to fill out that field.