Tutorial video's are blurry

I’m trying to do the tutorials but
https://academy.katalon.com/courses/web-browser-functions/lesson/handling-basic-web-browser-functions-with-katalon-studio/ and many others are being downscaled to 360p or less, making it too blurry to follow along.

is there a way to adjust this setting?

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Hi Maxim,

Welcome to Katalon Community! :wave:

I am going to tag @viet.nguyen from our Academy team here so that he is aware of your issue.


Thank you for the fast response.

I have found a work-around by inspecting the page and opening the youtube videos on youtube itself where I can view in 1080p. It’s probably chrome choosing 360p by default to save bandwith.

With the videoplayer you can’t change it on the embedded video.

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