Trying to slow down WebUI.sendkeys


I have a payment hosted form where I am attempting to key in a series of numbers into a form field.

I dont have control of the form field, it instanced within an iframe call back from a payment gateway host server.

I am able to successfully fill in most fields with the exception of one; a field requiring 16 consecutive digits.

When using WebUI.sendkey or WebUI.SetText …the field in question is partially field; but some digits are skipped.

Is there a way to slow down or delay between key-strokes / characters; to get consistent control of the keystroke speed.

Thanks is advance for you prompt consideration.

Kind Regards,

Michael Fene


this works well for me -

String cardNo = "1111222233334444"
char[] cardNoArray = cardNo.toCharArray()

for(char ch in cardNoArray) {
	WebUI.sendKeys(inputTestObject, ch.toString())

Change sleep argument if 100ms is too short period.