Trying to run a script in existing web EDGE Chromium Profile

I wish to use a custome or existing web profile on my edge browser to have to top dealing with edge always asking me to give permission and start a new browser with clear cache

Sample code below, can anyone guide me on how to open below on exiting edge browser ?



ps: I am a very new user so a detail guide would help

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Did you try the guest mode?

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I think your requirement is a tough one. Katalon provides no easy out-of-box solution.

I have ever developed a library to launch Google Chrome browser fetching the content of an existing user Profile. I was successful in taking over cookies from session to session.

Unfortunately I have never tried Edge Chromium.

for chrome is working fine but sadly, i would need to run this application on Edge due to browser capability

I got below error when i try to change the type from string to dictionary

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If you are a licensed Enterprise user, you can raised an official support request. Or simply you can ask @support.squad for a solution for Edge.

I hope that they would be willing to because I believe that your problem deserves a well-engineered solution.

Navigate to your katalon project:

your project\settings\internal → com.kms.katalon.core.webui.edge and copy paste the below code.