Jan 2022, I published a GitHub repository

A Java library that enables you to launch Selenium ChromeDriver with an existing user Profile. You can carry cookies over multiple HTTP sessions via user Profile.

Here is a documentation:

Just for your interest.


Thank you @kazurayam for always sharing the good stuff.

@AmyKirk posted this:

This told us about this:

Now I learned that Edge browser can import a Chrome profile, effectify EdgeDriver can start Edge browser while carrying over the cookies created by a previous Chrome session. Now I know Edge browser works just in the same way as my ChromeDriverFactory’s TO_GO mode. In other words, you do not need my ChromeDriverFactory. You can use Chrome and Edge combined; you create a cookie in Chrome, you reuse the cookies in Edge. It will work fine.

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unless you actually don’t want that :stuck_out_tongue: