Trying Global variable, Script Halts


Using Katalon 5.6.0 Build 1.

I’m trying to store the current password for test logon accounts as global variables in the Execution Profile. However, when the script reaches the SetText step that uses it, everything stops and the job is marked as Done. However, it all works fine if I use a local variable on the Test Case. Here’s the script using the local variable:

And here with the global:

(The Wait for Element Clickable and the Click that follows it are to prove to myself that the control is findable.)

Here’s the run log when using the global variable:

At this point, the target browser (Chrome) is sitting with the cursor flashing away in the password field (input2) and the test job is green and complete:

And here’s the test case as a script, in case than helps:

Hope someone can help … thanks!






5.6.1 seems to have fixed this.