Too small fonts

The default sizes of fonts in Katalon Studio are generally too small for me.

Especially I want to change the fonts used to display XPath expression in a Test Object definition larger.

As you know, an XPath expression tends to be a long consecutive string of characters without white spaces. It’s very hard to read in small font.

I looked into
Window > Katalon Studio Preferences > General > Appearance > Color and Fonts
dialog and tried to find which entry to change the font size, but I could not find the entry for Test Object definition pane.

Does somebody knows it?


Me too.

It’s not anywhere. Only the regular test editors can be changed (and some of that is flaky).

Oh! sad. I need larger font!

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Get glasses OAP’s :rofl::rofl::wink:


This setting affects only a limited set of dialogs (like the preferences dialog itself)…

I learned at

OAP = Old Aged Pensioner

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I moved this to the feature request category

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Yea when i typed it i thought, anyone whos not english probably will have to google it :rofl:

Google told me that OAP means, first of all, Osaka Amenity Park


for me, ‘giggle’ search on ‘oap’ returned a shoes shop as first result :smiley:

Have nice dual monitors at work. But also work from home a lot. Even with a 17 inch laptop the application font is so tiny. Vote for improvement

I would call for more +1 votes.

One more vote requesting this feature

Thanks for this guide! I believe the fonts matters in design!
I like tropical fonts!

A vote for bigger fonts.


Any comment?

Vote from my side also.

Hi everyone,

The font size of Test Object definition is the same as the font size of OS.
So, the only way to adjust it is to change the font size of OS.

Nam Nguyen.

What do you mean?

Could you tell a URL that describe how to change the “font size of macOS”?