Toggle LogViewer scroll-locked! Your tests will be boosted

I do that with Self Healing – annoying.

actualy, are two different ways on how a certain ui widget render and display the data.
i will provide some more explanations on how such stuff works. i am not an expert on gtk ui programming (i played only with qt / qml) but seems like it is using the same signal and slots mechanism to update the model in use and when the tree wiew widget receives the signal ‘data updated’ from the data provider, it will refresh the widget.
since the widget is ‘visible’ (i mean present) , it aquires runtime ‘interrupts’.
once the window / widget it is killed, it is no longer wasting time for the main runtime loop

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so, in ‘tree view mode’ the widget has to render icons, treat the parent / child relationships and so on.
which creates a complex enough model in memory for a single item.
in ‘table view’ it will only render simple text boxes arranged in rows

Exactly. :trophy:

Yes. Therefore ‘tree view’ is memory-hungry. Users should prefer the ‘log view’ to ‘tree view’ for faster processing.

Users should not try to switch from the ‘log view’ to the ‘tree view’, as it will take long time to “load logs” from the execution0.log file. If a execution0.log files has 3 megabytes size, ‘loading logs’ takes 60 seconds.

A derivative from this thread:

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As for memory usage, I think that Log Viewer is not fatal. It will not stop your tests running. :wink:

Log Viewer will just make your tests run slow. :persevere:

See this: