Timeout when launching test application

Setting up Katalon for testing a particular desktop application that my company tests. When I click to start recording the app launches, but Katalon does not seem to recognize that the app is open and gives an error that it is still waiting on the app to launch. Have any of you ran into this before? I’m currently using the 30-day free trial and am not a licensed user as we are doing dev evaluations between a few tools to see which one we will select going forward.


Hi @craig.mcrae,

On Oct 10, 2019, Microsoft team had published a pre-release version (WinAppDriver v1.2) which includes a new capability ms:waitForAppLaunch. With this capability, you will able to wait longer for your app to open.

In addition, you will also need to install Appium version 1.16.0 or later for supporting WinAppDriver 1.2.

To use ms:waitForAppLaunch capability in Katalon, you could go to Project Settings and add it to the Desired Capabilities section.

Note: “The limit for this is 50 seconds”. So, don’t set it so long /=).

~ Hope this could help! /=)

It is not a problem of waiting longer. My app opens long before Katalon gives me this error. It seems to be more of Katalon just does not know that the app is open. I have been able to click around and perform actions in my app before Katalon gives the error.

Hi @craig.mcrae,

Yeah, there is something weird that I still don’t truly understand. But sometimes the app is already opened for a minute but it still says that “Timeout”. And this capability has resolved that problem for me. So maybe you could try that and then tell me if it didn’t work /=)

Okay Just now getting back to this. Got Appium setup and installed. I set the timeout to the maximum 50 seconds, and I still got the error that it was “waiting for”.

Hi @craig.mcrae,

Sorry for the late reply. If you still using Katalon. Please share your error log and some screenshot, that will help us to get a better understanding of the situation.


See attached. The screenshot attached here shows that the app is open and yet, Katalon is still working and hasn’t popped an error yet. The error I get from Katalon is a screenshot in the original post. The log file is attached as well.

Katalon_error_log.txt (4.9 KB)

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Hi @craig.mcrae,

As the log you sent me. It looks like there are some problems with the Appium driver. Could you please help me to check some points here.

  1. Appium Directory is correctly set (in Windows > Katalon Studio Preferences > Katalon > Mobile)

  2. Check the appium version

$ appium -v
  1. Your application has any splash screen? (any window had shown before the main application window)

Yes there is a splash screen. I believe I have the Appium settings configured correctly. I am able to successfully test something like Notepad. Appium version is 1.17.0

I did try to run one more time as a test, didn’t realize the application was already open, and it works. I guess there could be some sort of time out style issue after all.

Correction to the last post. I got it to a place where I could actually log test steps, but as soon as I go to run it, I get the same driver errors again. So I think the underlying problem is still there.

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Changed the Appium directory setting after a little more research. I can now successfully run a test, but only if my application is open ahead of time. If I have Katalon start up the application, then it still errors out.

Hi @craig.mcrae,

I have built a demo Windows App and succeed to reproduce your issue. I’ll try to fix it in the next release. Before then, there are some suggestions to work around this issue.

  1. Close all unneeded apps (close opened folders too). Just keep only Katalon.
  2. Keep your desktop and your taskbar as clean as possible (e.g. remove some unused shortcuts)
  3. Just use Windows.startApplication(…) instead of Windows.startApplicationWithTitle(…)
  4. Try this:
Windows.switchToWindowTitle('Main App Title') // Replace this by your main window title

Besides, the capability ms:waitForAppLaunch is very useful too. So, just keep it there /=)

Hi @thongnmtran any updates on this one? I’ve been struggling with the same issues, my app is ClickOnce application.