This site is not secure (Your PC doesn’t trust this website’s security certificate.)


Applied on IE

There’s any way that we can jump this Cert validation?


I also have this issue. Any solutions?

I don’t know as I only use chrome with my automation. However if this is the site you are testing through could you add it to your trusted site list in IE?

Thanks for the suggestion BL. However, the message is still showing even if I have added the url under Trusted Sites list.

If you manually access the site do you still get this? Or only through automation?

Getting it even in manual. I saw some code patches to handle this in scripting but it will be tedious to add it in all the present scripts and it is just happening in IE…

driver.get(“URL for which certificate error is coming”);


Ok so at least we know it’s not Katalon…

Hmmm question. Do you have to use IE? Are you able to use firefox or chrome?

If you do have to use IE one solution I found via the googles is this:

  1. Open your Internet Explorer and click the gear icon on the upper right side of the page.
  2. Select Internet Options and click the Advanced tab.
  3. Under Settings, look for Security.
  4. Remove the check marks on Check for publisher’s certificate revocation, Check for server certificate revocation andCheck for signatures on downloaded programs.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Click OK.

The problem I see with this, is it might create some security concerns. So updating IE like this will have to be your call.

Regardless of the solution you choose I would dig into why it popup manually, eliminate that and then run the automation again.