How to run browser without security alerts

is there any option to run Chrome browser without this security alert popping out, i can’t get around it in the test case.

@Brandon_Hein ?

You’ll need to add the following desired capability arguments:


For adding desired capabilities, see


I think this is a typical problem.
The complete solution is that you need to export SSL certificates from your website and add to trusted root (store) of your computer. Steps details: How do I manually install the Securly SSL certificate on Windows – Support
The way to ignore the ssl error as @Brandon_Hein mentioned is a workaround when you don’t have the SSL certificate to accept.

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@duyluong’s solution is definitely better from a security standpoint, at least if you’re not sure you can trust the site you are testing. Also, depending on your website under test, some features may work differently when ignoring SSL errors vs. actually handling them, although this is rare.

I would say that if you are automating a webapp that is behind your company’s firewall, it’s generally safe to ignore certificates. If you are automating a webapp that is on the broader web, you should include a valid cert.

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