The ressource is not on the build path of java project

Hi everyone
i’m trying to use the plugin Excel keyword when i Hover on “import com.kms.katalon.keyword.excel.ExcelKeywords” , right click, then i select “Open Declaration.”,I get an alert box with the error, “The resource is not on the build path of a Java project.” Does Could anybody please let me know how to resolve this ?

Please see the image below

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This means as it says, that the the resource (class file) the import statement is pointing to is not on the build path. I assume you want to look at the source of the plugin, it is open-sourced here.

Could you be more specific? That git link was pointing to how it should be structured or so. But I am also facing the same issue. The file is running without problem but when I try to access the declaration/keyword via right click on Cmd+click on the name of the declaration, it throws the below error

Could you please explain how to solve this issue in steps?

Hi hanansmart07,

Were you able to fix this issue? If so could you please explain me the steps to solve these? I tried to refresh the project and clean up. but no use