Tests are being skipped when running test collection

Since last week some tests are being skipped whenever we run test collections. This happens if we run the tests in the Azure pipeline but also locally. It happens both when running in headless mode and “normal” mode.

The logs and the reports that are visible in the Katalon TestOps do not have a lot of information so we have no clue what might be happening.

Did this start happening to someone else? How can I better a idea of what is happening to make the tests being skipped?


Can you please share which katalon version you are using? Please try to make sure Manage test suite collections in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs and Execute test suite collections in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs correctly.


The version is 8.2.5, we’ve been running tests for more than 6 months and this problem only started last week.

I am aware there’s a newer version and I did try to update a couple of weeks ago but I had problems with that, the update didn’t install.

Any news regarding this topic?
I have the same problem the tests show up as skipped when running collections and I did not change any setting, and I do not have instructions to skip tests.
The test results are not reliable at the moment.

The solution for the skipped tests was to remove the option to record the execution.