TestOps server down?

Severity: High

It seems my Katalon Runtime Engine is unable to connect to Katalon TestOps server to verify my license.
Console log:

Start activating online…
Cannot connect to Katalon TestOps server. Please check your Internet connection and try again.
All launchers terminated

It seems Katalon.com is or was down as well:
Katalon.com - Is Katalon Down Right Now?

All my test runs fail, because the online certificate validation failed.

Hi @gerrit

PLease try again, it should work okay now.

Yes the issue seems solved now.

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@ThanhTo, our organization is experiencing this issue as well. It began at some point on 08/07/2020 prior to some of our automated overnight executions, and is still occurring as of this morning, 08/10/2020 approx 0930 hrs Eastern.

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