TestOps Releases creation, opening & closing API

Because I’m rerunning failed test cases, I need to consolidate their results in a release.
I’m currently facing a problem that I have to create, open, and close test releases on Katalon TestOps by using Ajax requests.

I would prefer to have access to an API that does so, and not use Ajax requests.

  1. I can continue my job, but my performance is lower than expected

Hi @m.m.saafan,

We are in the process of publishing API and SDK. Once it is available, you can work on the API for this feature. I will keep you informed when it’s ready.

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Yes I would appreciate keeping me posted about this. Thank you so much.


Sorry for letting you wait for so long.

Please follow our newly created documentation:


We will add docs for other APIs soon.

Thank you!


Thanks @devalex88…!!


I don’t know how to get the release statistics and test cases.
These two resources seem to have a conflicting info can you please guide me through how to get release statistics?: