Testops license is removed

Hi team,

I have bought a TestOps license before, but today when I prepare for a new project, and look at the price at Katalon website, I don’t see the TestOps license like the picture:

So what happens with the TestOps license? Does Katalon will remove it? And how to use TestOps?

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Hi @minhdo, :wave:

From your screenshot, we are assuming that you may be one of our paying customers, hence, we will be looping in our Product Support team here who will be able to assist you (@product-support).

Alternatively, you could also contact our Product Support team - and receive faster responses - via:

  • [For our paid users] Creating a support ticket here, or
  • [For both our paid & free users] Send an email to: support@katalon.com

We hope this helps, :+1:
Albert from Katalon Community team