TestOps Job appends duplicate and invalid -testOpsReleaseId=51,523

  • Katalon Studio Version:7.8.2
  • OS Version:Windows10
  • Browser Version:Chrome

Steps to Reproduce
Create TestOps job and run on-demand.
TestOps takes the run command and appends another -testOpsReleaseId=51,523 parameter and I don’t know where it is coming from.

Here is my original command in TestOps Job:
-retry=0 -testSuitePath=“Test Suites/QueryGrammar” -executionProfile=“ENV_TEST_6.5.7” -browserType=“Chrome” -testOpsReleaseId=51520 -testOpsProjectId=100945

Here is the output in the debug.log file. Note the extra parameter for testOpsReleaseId.

[2021-01-06T19:01:11.981Z] [INFO]: Execute “cmd /c “C:\Users\TAF.katalon\7.8.2\Katalon_Studio_Engine_Windows_64-7.8.2\katalonc.exe -noSplash -runMode=“console” -projectPath=“C:/Progra~1/KatalonRE/TestOpsCI/tmp/2021.01.06-13.1–5348-Df1Z9qF7OMYS-177337/twa/TWA.prj” -retry=0 -testSuitePath=“Test Suites/QueryGrammar” -executionProfile=“ENV_TEST_6.5.7” -browserType=“Chrome” -orgID=97238 -testOpsReleaseId=51520 -testOpsProjectId=100945 -executionUUID=“c75c96a9-5b38-492e-8736-2f16fd3822c8” -orgId=97238 -apiKey=“8766ce71-a56a-4da2-ae15-834b07f15438” -testOpsReleaseId=51,523 -serverUrl=“https://analytics.katalon.com””” in C:\Users\TAF\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp-5348-7AJkgsLwChkc.

Expected behavior
TestOps does not append extra paramters/data to my command.


debug (4).log (11.7 KB)

Hi @jim.sears,

When create and run TestOps job, if your plan is linked with a release, your job and execution from this plan will automatically link to the release by appending testOpsReleaseId and testOpsProjectId parameter.

Hi @Thong,

I used the Katalon TestOpsCI command line builder (Generate TestOps CI Command) as mentioned in the help. The button created the command with the OpsReleaseId and TestOpsProjectId for me. Are you saying I need to remove it after Katalon created it for me?

If that is correct then I did that and I still see this error, same as before.

[2021-01-08T03:39:35.826Z] [DEBUG]: joptsimple.OptionArgumentConversionException: Cannot parse argument ‘51,524’ of option testOpsReleaseId

This was the command I used this time.

Katalon Command
-retry=0 -testSuitePath=“Test Suites/MVT” -executionProfile=“ENV_HOTFIX” -browserType=“Chrome”

And this is how the command was changed:

[2021-01-08T03:39:01.491Z] [INFO]: Execute Katalon Studio: C:\Users\TAF.katalon\7.8.2\Katalon_Studio_Engine_Windows_64-7.8.2\katalonc.exe -noSplash -runMode=“console” -projectPath=“C:/Progra~1/KatalonRE/TestOpsCI/tmp/2021.01.07-21.38–4628-oqO7qXYA1RSQ-178293/twa/TWA.prj” -retry=0 -testSuitePath=“Test Suites/MVT” -executionProfile=“ENV_HOTFIX” -browserType=“Chrome” -executionUUID=“3542650b-3af0-4cc9-baf0-a222d3783f3d” -orgId=97238 -apiKey=“8766ce71-a56a-4da2-ae15-834b07f15438” -testOpsReleaseId=51,524 -serverUrl=“https://analytics.katalon.com

It looks like there is a bug in the format. Should the comma be there?

I’m happy to try something different if I’m not entering the command correctly.

I used the command line for console for “TestOps CI Command”.

Thanks for your feedback, this is a bug and we released a fixed for this issue.

You only need to choose release once when generating from Katalon Studio (Generate TestOps CI Command) or configure in TestOps.

Hi @Thong,

No offense, but I feel like your not reading my messages. I removed the information and I didn’t add any details for testOpsId. Katalon is doing it for me automatically and I can’t get it to stop. If it is supposed to happen then why is there a comma in the middle of the text? 51,524

I am not able to use TestOps for execution for any of my projects(3), Plans or for the 7 jobs I have. I strongly feel this is a bug in Katalon/TestOps.


TestOps will automatically add ReleaseTestOpsId. But there is a bug when add testops parameter. This parameter should be 51524 instead of 51,524, and we released a fix for this issue yesterday. Please try again with the command without any details for testOpsId

Hi @Thong,

Thank you for the code fix. The Plan is now executing since the comma was removed.
Unfortunately, I have another error that I think is related. The “Release link” is broken.

Steps to recreate

  1. Open Dashboard for project TWA_PROJECT. https://analytics.katalon.com/team/45323
  3. 404 – NOT FOUND page loads.
  4. Removed // slashes in URL
  5. java.lang.String errors appear

The URL includes the release added by TestOps at run time (51523). However, the error suggests that the format change to remove the comma broke other code related to “releases”.

Hi @jim.sears,

Thank you for reporting this bug, we will release a fix for it soon.

Thank you @anhqle. Love the Disenchantment avatar. New season this week!

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