TestOps Execution duration on parallel execution shows as sum of duration time test cases instead of actual duration

Operating System
Windows 10
Katalon Studio Version

Steps to reproduce

  1. Run a suite collection (with test suites and test cases) in a parallel execution mode.
  2. Observe the reported duration time in TestOps.

Expected Behavior
For all report metrics, we would expect the actual duration of the Suite Collection test run, not the sum of all individual test case durations (which in a parallel execution run does not offer any value).
The Katalon TestOps page and Katalon TestOps page show the duration correct. See screenshot “Expected”.
In the generated JUnit_Report.xml I can see the testsuites time=“924.771”

Actual Behavior

  1. The report generated via the TestOps “share run” functionality on the Katalon TestOps page shows the duration as the sum of all test case durations.

  2. The visual testing url Katalon TestOps also shows the duration as the sum of all test case durations.

Screenshots / Videos (please attach screenshots or videos if necessary to reproduce the issue)



If actual team/project/execution id’s are needed, feel free to request them.

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On further investigation I found following GH issue which I believe is similar:

Open since May 2020.


from October 2019

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