TestOps CI - Schedule Plan feature not working

In TestOps CI module under TestOps Beta, when I try to run the configured plan with pre-installed Katalon version, I keep getting “Invalid License” error even though the KRE online license is activated and assigned to my machine. Is there any additional steps that must be ensured before running the configured plan?

I am trying to run the configured plan through an agent in Local Environment. I have the agent powered on.

Hi. Is the “pre-installed Katalon” is Katalon Runtime Engine or Katalon Studio? Katalon Runtime Engine is a CLI tool without GUI.

The pre-installed Katalon that I mentioned is Katalon Studio Version 7.6.6. While creating a plan in Test Ops, there is a step to select whether to install the Katalon Studio version every time the plan runs or make use of pre-installed Katalon Studio version. I selected Pre-installed option.